BT Hub Flashing Orange Light: Causes and Fixes

If you are reading this article, you are probably seeing the BT Hub flashing orange light. If this is the case, you have nothing to worry about!

In this article, we are going to explain why the BT Hub is flashing orange, what this means, and most importantly, how to resolve the issue.

Flashing Orange Light On BT Hub: Meaning

BT Hub flashing orange

A flashing orange light on a BT Hub means that the hub is:

  • starting up.
  • trying to establish an internet connection.
  • in WPS pairing mode when you press the WPS button.

Generally, this shouldn’t last long but if you notice that the Hub is flashing orange for a few minutes it is a sign that there is an issue requiring your attention.

BT Hub Flashing Orange: Top Reasons

The BT Hub uses different light colors to inform you about the current status of the network or the Hub itself. When there are no issues and everything is working fine, the BT Hub LED indicator light will be solid blue.

Nevertheless, the flashing orange light on the BT Hub indicates an attempt to establish a connection with the broadband network.

There are different reasons why this is happening, starting from a network outage, problems with the line, or a malfunctioning hub.

BT Hub Flashing Orange Light Fix

If your BT Hub is flashing orange light, it’s time to take action and try to fix the issue by yourself. Let’s break down the potential fixes one by one.

Give It Some Time

The first thing you should do when you see the orange light on the BT Hub is to give it some time and see whether it will resolve on its own.

If it’s starting up it should disappear once the hub connects to the broadband. If it’s in WPS pairing mode the orange blinking light will stop once the connection is established.

However, if you notice that the Hub is stuck in that state and that the orange light flashes continuously, you should check a thing or two.

Check For Broadband Outages

Before we start with the troubleshooting steps, it is important to check whether the ISP is causing the problem. It is quite possible that BT Broadband is experiencing an outage at the moment, which is a solid explanation for why the BT hub is flashing orange.

In order to check this out, you can visit BT’s status page online or the BT page on

If there is an outage at the moment all you can do is wait for BT to fix it. After they restore the service, the BT Hub should reconnect automatically and you should see a solid blue light.

If there is no outage you can start with some basic troubleshooting.

Restart Your BT Hub

In most cases, a simple solution will fix the issue. Restarting the BT hub is one of the simplest solutions that has been proven to fix most connectivity issues.

In order to do this properly, disconnect the BT Hub from the power source and leave it for 1-2 minutes. After that time, connect it to the power source again and give it some time to boot up and reconnect.

If the restart is successful, the light will change from flashing orange to solid blue.

Check Your Connections

When we talk about connections, your BT Hub depends on a few different connections in order to work properly. If there is any issue with these connections like a damaged or loose cable, there are great chances that you will see the flashing orange light.

When checking the connections, make sure to check the power supply first and make sure it is firmly and securely connected to the hub.

The next thing to check is the broadband cable and see whether it is securely plugged into your BT Hub and your wall socket. Loose or damaged cables can cause connectivity issues, so make sure all connections are tight and the cables are in good condition.

If you notice anything strange with the cables, try to replace the cable and see whether that fixes the issue.

BT Online Diagnostics

Try using BT Online Diagnostics and test your broadband connection from another device using another connection. You will have to log in with your account details to troubleshoot the issue. The troubleshooting process shouldn’t last long, maybe 5 minutes or less.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, you should get in touch with BT support.

Contact BT Broadband Support

If you’ve tried all the steps presented above and your BT hub is still flashing orange, it’s time to get some professional help. Contact BT Broadband Support to help you troubleshoot and resolve issues like this.

They can run some diagnostic tests on your line and your hub remotely.

NOTE: It is always better to ask for help when you are not sure what you are doing than trying to fix something and potentially making it worse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my BT hub keeps flashing orange even after restarting?

If your BT hub’s orange light keeps flashing after a restart, resetting the BT Hub to factory default settings can be the right solution.
To do that you need to find and press the Reset button and hold it for 5-10 seconds. The hub should reboot and once it boots up again, it will be reverted back to its default settings. Then you will have to reconfigure the hub again.

Can a BT hub flashing orange light indicate a problem with my internet service provider?

Yes, a BT hub flashing orange can be an indicator of a problem with your internet service provider, such as a network outage. You can check BT’s status page to see if there’s a known outage in your area.

Wrap Up

Having issues with your internet connection and seeing the BT hub flashing orange light can be pretty frustrating. But we hope that this guide has helped you understand the issue and also helped you fix it.

If you are seeing the BT hub orange flashing light, you have to remember that it is something that can be fixed. Follow the steps outlined above and you’ll be back online in no time.

And remember, if in doubt, always reach out to BT Broadband Support for assistance.