AT&T BGW210 Router Lights Meaning: A Detailed Guide

Do you know what the lights on your AT&T BGW210 router mean? If you are not sure, you are in the right place.

In this detailed article, we are going to discuss the AT&T BGW210 router lights meaning and hopefully help you understand the status of the device and troubleshoot any issues.

Understanding The Lights On Your BGW210 Router

Having a clear understanding of what the BGW210 lights mean can help you quickly identify and resolve any connectivity issues. In the next few paragraphs, we are going to see what each light and its different colors indicate and offer some solutions in case you experience any problems.

Power Light

AT&T BGW210 Power light

The power light, the first from the top on the front panel, is your immediate indicator of the device’s power status.

Power Light Off – The router is powered off or not receiving power. Check whether the router is connected to the power source and whether the power outlet is working.

Power Light Solid Green – Your router is powered on and working correctly. There’s no action required from your end.

Power Light Blinking Green – Your router is starting up or the self-diagnostics is in progress. This is normal upon plugging in your router or after a reset. Give it a few minutes to boot up completely.

Power Light Flashing Red – Self-diagnostic has failed or the device is malfunctioning.

Power Light Flashing Orange – Firmware upgrade in progress. Do not interrupt the process.

Broadband Light

AT&T BGW210 Broadband light

The broadband light, the second from the top on the front panel, provides information about the connection to the broadband network.

Broadband Light Off – This usually means that the router is powered off or there is no broadband signal. Check your power and broadband connections.

Broadband Light Solid Green – Your router has connected successfully to the broadband network. Everything is working properly.

Broadband Light Blinking Green – Your BGW210 router is trying to connect to the broadband network or is powering up. This can happen after a reset or a power outage. If it continues for a longer period of time, you may need to contact AT&T support or try some troubleshooting steps.

Broadband Light Flashing Yellow – An LTE device has been installed but it doesn’t function correctly when a main connection is active.

Broadband Light Solid Red – The router doesn’t detect a broadband signal on the line. Check the cables and connections, check for an outage, or contact your ISP to help you fix the issue.

Broadband Light Flashing Red – Your router has detected a problem with the broadband connection. The router detected the signal, but couldn’t establish a connection. Try resetting the router. If the problem persists, contact your ISP as there may be an issue with your line.

If you are seeing the red broadband light check our AT&T BGW210 broadband light red guide.

Phone Light

AT&T BGW210 Phone light

The phone indicator light on the front panel of your AT&T BGW210 router has several states, each with a different meaning:

Phone Light Off – This means that the router is powered off or that VoIP is not in use.

Phone Light Solid Green – VoIP line has been set up and successfully registered.

Phone Light Flashing Green – This indicates that there is a ring associated with an incoming call, or when a telephone has been taken off the hook.

Phone Light Solid Red – This is a sign that one or more lines have not been registered.

WPS Light

The WPS light on your AT&T BGW210 router serves as an indicator for the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) status. Here’s what each state of the light means:

WPS Light Off – When the light is off, WPS connectivity is not active. You can activate it by pressing the WPS button

WPS Light Solid Green – This signals that the WPS connection has been successful. The light should be on for another 5 minutes or until you press the WPS button on your AT&T router again.

WPS Light Flashing Green – If the WPS light is flashing green, it indicates that the router is in WPS pairing mode, i.e. it is searching for a device to connect to. This should last for 2 minutes.

WPS Light Flashing Red – A flashing red light suggests that two or more devices tried to connect at the same time, and this represents a potential security risk. The light will flash red for about 2 minutes. This warning allows you to check which devices are attempting to connect to your network or disable WPS until you can ensure only authorized devices are trying to connect.

WPS Light Solid Red – When the WPS light on your router is solid red, it means something went wrong. This problem isn’t about security but could be because of other issues. For instance, the router might be trying to connect with a device, but it can’t find it. Another reason could be that the WPS feature is turned off or disabled. The light will stay red like this for about 5 minutes or until you press the button again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the solid green power light on my AT&T BGW210 router mean?

A solid green power light indicates that your AT&T BGW210 router is powered on and working correctly. This is the ideal state for the router power light.

What do the Ethernet lights on my AT&T BGW210 router signify?

The Ethernet lights on your BGW210 router indicate the status of your wired connections. A solid green light means a device is connected and working properly, while a blinking green light indicates data transfer.

How can I troubleshoot connectivity issues using the lights on my AT&T BGW210 router?

The lights on your BGW210 router provide helpful indicators of the router and network status. By understanding the AT&T BGW210 router lights meaning, you can identify potential issues and take appropriate action.


Troubleshooting is definitely easier once you learn the meaning of the AT&T BGW210 router lights. We hope this guide has helped you understand these signals better. If you continue to experience issues, contact AT&T’s customer service for further assistance.