Shaw Modem Flashing Green: Causes And Solutions

As a Shaw modem user, you must have been asking yourself what the Shaw modem lights mean. We know that they tell us more about the state of our network and internet connection. But what happens when you notice the Shaw modem won’t stop flashing green?

Let’s find out more about the meaning of the Shaw modem flashing green light issue, what is causing it and what can you do about it.

The Meaning Of Shaw Modem Flashing Green Light

Shaw modem green light

When your Shaw modem starts flashing green it means that an upstream registration is in progress.

Just like the Shaw modem flashing green , this is a normal part of the modem start-up sequence and doesn’t represent an issue since it lasts pretty short. However, if you notice that the modem is blinking green for much longer than usual, then it requires your attention.

IMPORTANT: If your Shaw modem is blinking green and orange it means that a firmware download is in progress. This shouldn’t last long and it is best not to interrupt the process. However, if this lasts for a bit longer it can indicate that there is a problem with the firmware upgrade.

Potential Causes For Constant Green Flashing

So, what to do if the modem won’t stop flashing green? This means that there is a problem with the internet connection. There could be several reasons, such as:

  • Unstable Internet connection/ISP issues
  • Faulty or damaged cables
  • Modem issues

Fixing the Shaw Modem Flashing Green Issue

If your Shaw modem is stuck on the flashing green light, there are several steps you can take to fix the issue.

Let’s discuss these solutions in detail.

Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing to do when you notice that the flashing green lasts too long is to check whether your internet connection is working properly.

You can disconnect your wireless devices from the WiFi network and then connect them again. This will let you know whether they can establish a stable connection.

You can also run a quick speed test using online tools like Ookla’s Speedtest. This will give you an idea of whether your connection is stable and working properly.

You can also check whether your ISP is experiencing any issues at the moment either by visiting their Service Updates and Outages page or by contacting Shaw support.

If you determine that your ISP is causing the problem, you can wait until they fix the issue or ask Shaw support for help.

Restart The Modem

The simplicity of this solution makes it great. Restart or power-cycle the modem and see whether the modem connects properly and the LED light turns solid white.

Disconnect the modem from the power source and connect it again after 1-3 minutes. Hopefully, a temporary glitch has been causing the issue, and a simple restart is often enough to fix the issue.

Check All The Cables

Sometimes a simple task like checking whether the cables are firmly and properly connected and without any damage can be pretty effective.

All the cables should be connected to the modem firmly and properly. A loose connection can sometimes trigger the green blinking light.

You also need to check whether the cables are damaged or not. A damaged cable can severely affect the quality of your internet connection.

If you find any damaged or faulty cables, replace them and see whether this action resolves the issue.

TIP: While you are checking the cables try to connect the Ethernet port on the router to a different LAN port (there are four yellow ones at the back of the router). Pay attention to the green blinking light while doing that.

Check The Splitter (If You Are Using One)

Since you are checking the cables don’t forget to check the modem splitter if you are using it. The best way to see whether the splitter is functioning properly is to connect the internet cable to the modem and see whether this fixes the issue.

If the green blinking light stops and the modem light turns solid white, then it is possible that the splitter is defective.

Reset Your Modem

If the above solutions don’t seem to be working, a factory reset might be your best option.

NOTE: Resetting the modem to factory defaults erases all the current custom settings (Wi-Fi name and password, port forwarding rules, and so on). If you are not OK with this, skip to the next solution – contact Shaw support.

Locate the reset button at the back of your Shaw modem.

Using a pin or a paperclip, press and hold the reset button for about 15 seconds. Release the button and the modem should reboot. Pay attention to the lights.

Contact Shaw Support

contact Shaw support

If all the previous solutions didn’t help you get rid of the flashing green light, it’s time to contact support.

They can provide step-by-step guidance over the phone or, if necessary, arrange a technician visit to your location.

To contact Shaw support, visit their official website and choose the option that suits you the best: phone call, chat, or message via iMessage or WhatsApp.

Remember, while solving issues yourself can be gratifying, there’s no shame in seeking professional help when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a flashing green light on my Shaw modem a cause for concern?

Not necessarily. A flashing green light is part of the normal operation as your Shaw modem connects to the network. However, if it keeps flashing for a longer period without establishing a connection, it means there is a problem.

Why does my Shaw modem flash green after a power outage?

After a power outage, your Shaw modem might flash green as it attempts to reestablish the connection with the network. It’s a standard procedure, and the light should turn solid once the connection is stable.

What color should the LED light be on my Shaw modem?

Ideally, you want to see the white solid light on your Shaw modem. It means that the modem is online and working properly.


Understanding what the Shaw modem flashing green light means is the first step to troubleshooting connectivity issues.

Remember, it is normal for the green light to flash during upstream registration, but if it continues to flash for a longer period of time, it means there is a bigger problem. Try to follow the solutions provided here or just contact Shaw support to help you fix the issue.