Virgin Hub 5 Flashing Green Light: Follow These Pro Tips!

Seeing the Virgin Hub 5 flashing green light can be confusing and frustrating, especially when it disrupts your internet connection.

In this article, we are going to explain the meaning of the flashing green light, what are the possible causes, and provide actionable solutions to fix it. By the end of the article, you should be able to fix the Virgin Media Hub 5 flashing green light issue.

Virgin Hub 5 Flashing Green Meaning

Virgin Media Hub 5 Green Light

When you notice your Virgin Hub 5 flashing green, according to the manual it means that there is a firmware upgrade happening now.

Ideally, the Virgin Hub 5 green light should turn to a solid white light once a stable connection is established, indicating that the Hub is successfully connected.

On the other hand, a solid green light means that modem mode is activated on Virgin Hub 5.

Hub 5 Flashing Green – Possible Causes

Firmware Update

If your Virgin Media Hub 5 is flashing green, one of the main causes could be an undergoing firmware update. This process can sometimes take longer than expected, but the flashing green light should eventually turn solid white once the update is completed.

Connection Issues

A Hub 5 flashing green light may also signify that the hub is trying, but failing, to connect to Virgin’s network. This could be a sign that there is a problem with Virgin Media services or a local connectivity issue.

Power Interruptions

A sudden loss of power to the hub can lead to a continuous flashing green light, potentially because of the protective mechanism triggering a cut in the connection to prevent damage to the hub.

Service Maintenance

Occasionally, maintenance activities by Virgin can lead to the appearance of a flashing green light. This usually has a negative effect on the normal functioning of the hub until the maintenance is completed.

Virgin Media Hub 5 Flashing Green Light – Actionable Solutions

When trying to fix the Virgin Media Hub 5 flashing green light issue it is important to have a set of actionable solutions to fix the issue effectively.

The following steps can help you troubleshoot and resolve the flashing green light on your Virgin Hub 5.

Give The Hub 5 Some Time

If your Virgin Hub 5 is flashing green, it is essential to be patient and give it some time. This flashing green light can often indicate that a firmware update is in progress. However, interrupting a firmware upgrade can lead to issues.

Typically, the hub will complete the update and establish a connection, and the Virgin Media LED light should turn solid white. This can take some time, like 30 minutes or more so it is good to keep this in mind.

If the light continues to flash green for an extended period without establishing a connection, follow the next few solutions or get in touch with Virgin Media support for further assistance.

Tighten Loose Connections

If the Virgin Hub 5 is stuck in flashing green the next step would be to check all the cable connections.

Make sure that the cables connected to the wall and the hub are secure and tight. Loose or improperly connected cables can often lead to connectivity issues and disruptions in service.

Reconnecting any loose cables can sometimes instantly resolve the issue, restoring your internet connection.

Reboot The Hub

Rebooting the Hub is a simple and effective solution but make sure to give the hub enough time to see whether a firmware upgrade is making it flash green.

Unplug the hub from the power source, wait for about 60 seconds, and then plug it back in.

This action will refresh the connection and resolve any temporary glitches causing the flashing green light. Pay attention to the light colors during the boot-up sequence and see whether it will go past the green flashing light and turn solid white.

Check For Network Issues

In some situations, the green blinking light on your Hub 5 will be a result of ongoing issues or maintenance.

If you suspect this might be causing the problem, then there are several ways to check this.

  • You can visit the Virgin Media Service Status page.
  • See whether DownDetector users are reporting any issues now.
  • Contact Virgin Media support directly.

This should help you figure out whether the Hub 5 flashing green light is a localized problem or part of a broader network outage.

If you determine that there is an outage in your area, then all you can do is wait for the Virgin Media tech teams to fix the issue on their side.

Contact Virgin Media Support

Contact Virgin Media support

If none of the solutions given here has helped you fix the Virgin Hub 5 flashing green issue, then contacting Virgin Media support is the next logical step.

They can perform some remote troubleshooting, and guide you through various steps to resolve the issue. If the problem persists, they can schedule a technician visit to diagnose and fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I contact support if my Virgin Media Hub 5 green light keeps flashing?

Yes, if your Virgin Media Hub 5 flashing green light continues for an extended period, it is recommended to contact Virgin Media support for professional assistance and troubleshooting.

Is rebooting the Hub effective in resolving the Virgin Hub 5 flashing green issue?

Yes, rebooting can be an effective solution to refresh the connection and resolve temporary glitches. These glitches can make the Virgin Hub 5 flash green. After the reboot, you should see a solid white light.

How long should I wait before asking for help if the Virgin Hub 5 green light is flashing?

If the Virgin Hub 5 green light continues flashing for more than an hour without establishing a connection, it is recommended to contact Virgin Media support and ask for help.


Experiencing the Virgin Hub 5 flashing green light can be a challenging issue, just like the Virgin Hub 5 flashing red light or similar. However, there are some tried and tested solutions.

  • Give it some time to complete the firmware upgrade if that is causing the green flashing light.
  • Check and tighten the connections
  • Reboot the Hub to clear any temporary glitches.
  • Check for network issues.
  • Get in touch with Virgin Media support.

Try the mentioned fixes or get in touch with Virgin Media support.

We are sure you will have this issue fixed pretty quickly.