Virgin Media Hub 5 Flashing White Light: Causes and Solutions

Seeing the Virgin Media Hub 5 flashing white light can be pretty confusing. However, the good thing is that there are some tried and tested solutions to address this issue.

In this article, we are going to go through the possible causes and provide some practical steps to fix this issue.

First, let’s see what the Hub 5 is trying to tell us with the white flashing light.

Hub 5 Flashing White Light Meaning

Virgin Media Hub 5 White Light

The Virgin Media Hub 5 has one LED light that changes its color depending on the state of the Hub or the network.

A flashing white light is a sign that something requires your attention.

During the boot-up sequence, your Virgin Media Hub 5 or 5x will normally start flashing white. Under normal circumstances, this should end within approximately 5 minutes or less.

However, if you notice that the white flashing light on your Virgin Media Hub 5 persists for an extended period, it requires your closer attention and potential action.

Potential Causes Of The Flashing White Light

Identifying the main reason why your Hub 5 is flashing white can be the first step toward finding a solution.

Some potential causes can be:

  • Connectivity Issues if the Hub is trying to establish a connection or having problems maintaining the connection.
  • Physical issues with the Hub or connected cables might be triggering the white flashing light.
  • The Hub can be in the process of receiving or installing software updates. Normally this is represented by the flashing green light on the Hub 5, but it’s always better to approach with caution.

How To Fix The Hub 5 Flashing White Light

Fixing the flashing white light on your Virgin Media Hub 5 is something you can do even if you don’t have some special tech knowledge.

Let’s take a closer look at the recommended solutions.

Give The Hub 5 Enough Time To Initialize

Sometimes, patience is the key to resolving technological glitches. The Hub 5 needs a bit of time to initialize, especially after being powered on or reset.

As we have already mentioned, the Hub 5 may flash a white light during its startup sequence as it establishes a connection with the internet and configures settings.

Allow the Hub 5 approximately 10-15 minutes to complete its initialization process without interruption.

Pay attention to the Hub 5 lights. The flashing white light should stabilize once the initialization process is complete.

However, if you notice that the startup takes longer than usual, you may start the troubleshooting process.

Restart The Hub 5

Restart the Virgin Media Hub 5

This simple but effective solution might help you fix the white blinking light issue. Maybe there is a software glitch stopping the Hub from completing the startup process completely, so a simple restart can help.

Simply disconnect the Hub from the power source.

Leave it unplugged for 1-3 minutes and then plug it back in. Turn the Hub on and see whether it will complete the bootup process.

If it gets stuck in flashing white again, try the following solution.  

Make Sure The Firmware Is Up-to-Date

Although the Hub 5 typically updates automatically, you should make sure you have the latest firmware installed.

In order to check this you need to log into your Hub 5 admin dashboard using your web browser.

After that, navigate to the Advanced Settings section.

Find the firmware update option and follow the instructions.

Check The Hub And The Cables

The Hub’s power source and connected cables can also interfere with its performance and status lights. Based on that, here is what you need to check:

  • Make sure that all the cables are securely connected and not damaged.
  • Verify that the Hub is connected to a stable power source.
  • Make sure that the Hub is placed in a well-ventilated place to prevent overheating.

Check For Virgin Media Service Outage

The flashing white light on your Hub 5 can sometimes be caused by a broader issue – a Virgin Media service outage in your area.

Virgin Media outage reported on

Service outages generally affect multiple users and are resolved by the Virgin Media technical team.

In order to check for a Virgin Media Service Outage you can do the following:

  • Visit the Virgin Media Service Status page to check for any known outages in your area.
  • Check the Virgin Media Community forums to see if other users in your area are reporting similar issues.
  • Contact Virgin Media Support if you can’t find information.
  • Visit to see if other users have been reporting issues with Virgin Media.

If there is an outage, wait until they fix the issue. If there isn’t an outage, try the following solutions.

Fixing Hub 5 Activation Failures

An activation failure can be signaled by a flashing white light and may be a result of various issues such as connectivity problems, account issues, or hardware malfunctions.

Here are the recommended steps to address activation failures:

  1. Verify your account details.
    • Make sure your account is active and your service start date has passed.
    • Check your Virgin Media account for any outstanding issues or notifications.
  2. Contact support.
    • If the activation failure persists, reach out to Virgin Media Support to get the Hub 5 activated.

Reset The Hub To Its Factory Settings

Sometimes, a fresh start is all you need. Performing a factory reset on your Hub 5 can:

  • Remove any custom settings or configurations that may be causing issues.
  • Refresh the connection between your Hub and connected devices.
  • Resolve any software-related issues that might be triggering the white flashing light.

In order to reset Hub 5 to factory default settings here is what you need to do:

  1. Locate the reset button at the base of the Hub 5.
  2. Use a paperclip or similar tool, and press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Release the button and wait for the Hub to restart with factory settings.

When it boots up again pay attention to the lights and make sure to give it enough time to complete the boot process.


Fixing the Virgin Media Hub 5 flashing white light issue is something you need to take care of with patience. Always take some time before trying a different solution.

Every issue has a solution, and your attempt to resolve the Hub 5 flashing white is just a few steps away. In addition, if you don’t want to try the solutions yourself, the Virgin Media Support Team is always there to help.