Unable To Connect To Verizon Network [Solved]

Being unable to connect to the Verizon network can be pretty annoying. This problem results in slow internet speeds, intermittent connectivity, or complete loss of connection.

It is important to know what might be causing his issue and check whether it is a network outage, device malfunctions, or incorrect network settings.

This article will provide an overview of the troubleshooting steps, which involves checking the network status, restarting devices, checking network settings, and contacting Verizon support if necessary.

Check Verizon Network Status


Check the network status is the first thing to do when you are troubleshooting your Verizon network connectivity issues. You can easily do this by checking the Verizon online network status page.

To check the network status, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Verizon network status page.
  2. Sign in to check the status of the network in your area
  3. Review the network status report.

Possible Network Status Issues And Fixes

If there are no outages or scheduled maintenance in your area, there are some other issues you need to check, like:

  • Signal interference. If your signal is weak or unstable, you may experience connectivity issues. Reposition your device to get a better signal.
  • Device compatibility issues. Check the device’s compatibility with Verizon’s network. Consider separating the 2.4 and 5GHz on Verizon router since most smart devices support only 2.4GHz connections.
  • Billing or account issues. Unpaid bills and account issues may be the reasons why you are unable to connect to the network. Contact Verizon support to check if there are such issues.

Restart Your Device

Restarting your device is a simple but highly efficient way to fix Verizon network connectivity issues. When you restart your device, it clears out any temporary glitches or conflicts that may be interfering with your connection to the network.

Restarting your device can help in resolving the following issues:

  • Corrupted network settings. Sometimes, network settings on your device may get corrupted, which can result in connection issues.
  • Conflicts with other apps. Other apps or processes running in the background can interfere with network connectivity. Restarting your device can help close these apps and processes, freeing up resources for the network connection.

Steps To Restart Different Devices

The steps to restart different devices can vary, but the basic process is the same:

  1. Hold down the power button until you see the power menu on your device.
  2. Tap on the restart or reboot option.
  3. Wait for your device to restart.

Here are some specific steps for different types of devices:

  • Smartphones and tablets. Press and hold the power button until you see the power menu. Then tap on Reboot or Restart.
  • Routers. Use the power button at the back to turn the Verizon router off and on.
  • Computers. Click on the Start menu, then select the power icon, and click on Restart or Reboot.

Other Tips For Restarting Devices

Here are some additional tips for restarting devices that can help you resolve connectivity issues:

  • Power cycling. Sometimes, if a simple restart using the power button doesn’t help, try to power cycle the device. Unplug the power cable and plug it back in after 1-3 minutes.
  • Resetting. If nothing else works, resetting the device to factory default settings may help. Please note that this procedure erases all the custom settings so you will either have to reconfigure the device again.

Check Network Settings

If this didn’t help, it is good to check your device’s network settings.

A few network settings such as airplane mode, Wi-Fi settings, mobile data settings, and more, can affect your ability to connect to the Verizon network.

Here are the steps to check network settings on different devices:

  • Smartphones and tablets. Open the settings app, and tap on Network & Internet or Connections. You can view and edit your network settings there.
  • Routers. Open a web browser and log in to your Verizon router admin page using the default router IP address, and the admin username and password. The router’s network settings can be edited there.
  • Computers. Find the network settings menu on your computer. Normally this menu is listed in the Control Panel or System Preferences.

Possible Network Setting Issues And Solutions

Here are some possible network setting issues that may be affecting your ability to connect to the Verizon network:

  • Airplane mode. If airplane mode is active, it won’t be able to connect to any network. Turn off airplane mode in your device’s settings.
  • Wi-Fi settings. Try forgetting the Wi-Fi network and reconnecting to it.
  • Mobile data settings. If you are using mobile data and can’t connect, make sure that your device is set up to use the correct network settings for Verizon. You can also try turning mobile data off and on again.

If you are still unable to connect to the Verizon network, try to reset the network settings to their default state. It is important to know that any saved network settings and passwords will be erased. So, you will have to enter them again after resetting.

Contact Verizon Support

Unable to connect to Verizon network? Contact Verizon support

If nothing works and you are still unable to connect to the Verizon network, you need to contact Verizon support. You can do that over the phone, chat, and email.

Before contacting Verizon support, there are some steps you can take to make the process more efficient:

  1. Gather information. Before contacting support, gather as much information as possible about the issue you are experiencing.
  2. Troubleshoot. Try to fix the issue by yourself before getting in touch with support.
  3. Have your account information ready (phone number, account number, and PIN).

By taking these steps before contacting Verizon support, you can streamline the process and increase the chances of resolving the issue quickly.


Being unable to connect to the Verizon network can be really annoying, especially if you have some work to do. However, the solutions presented in this article should get your connection up and running again.

To recap, the steps for troubleshooting Verizon network issues are:

  1. Check Verizon network status
  2. Restart your device
  3. Check network settings
  4. Contact Verizon support

Additionally, Verizon has an excellent community forum. You can get help from other users pretty quickly and fix your connectivity issues in no time.