Why Is My Verizon Router Blinking Blue? Causes And Solutions

If you are a Verizon user for some time, you are probably familiar with the different meanings of the Verizon router lights. Depending on the router model there will be just one LED light that changes its color or several different LED lights.

Understanding The Meaning Of The Blue Light

The blue light on your Verizon router is an important indicator of your router’s status. After reading through different Verizon router manuals to see what it means when the Verizon router is blinking blue, we have discovered the following:

The blinking blue light on the Verizon router means that WPS pairing is enabled and the router is waiting for a WPS device to connect (up to 2 minutes). It appears after the user presses the WPS button on the router.

NOTE: This applies to the Verizon router (Model) and Verizon Fios router (model), the 5G Home Internet Router, and the Verizon Internet Gateways (ARC-XCI55AX and ASK-NCQ1338). The other routers issued by Verizon indicate the WPS pairing mode in different colors, so we won’t focus on these in this article.

WPS And Verizon Router Lights

WPS is short for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This feature allows the user to connect devices to the Wi-Fi network with a press of a button, without the need to enter the wireless network password. This is pretty useful when you have to connect a device that has no keyboard, such as a printer or a gaming console.

When the WPS button on your Verizon router is pressed for more than 2 seconds, it will initialize the WPS pairing mode. The Verizon router will start blinking blue for up to 2 minutes. During this time it allows the WPS pairing process to complete.

When a device starts connecting over WPS, the router LED light will start flashing blue for a few seconds and when the device connects successfully, it should turn solid blue or white.

In case the WPS pairing process fails, the Verizon router will flash red for two minutes after the failure.

However, there are situations where the Verizon router blinking blue light gets stuck and lasts longer than two minutes. This can happen for a few reasons like an unstable internet connection or no connection at all.

When this happens, it is important to try to find the root cause and take some steps to fix the issue.

Verizon Router Blinking Blue Light: Causes And Solutions

A blinking blue light on a Verizon router can indicate a range of issues. Here are some of the most common problems that can cause the blue light to blink:

Weak Wi-Fi Signal

In case your wireless signal is too weak, your device may have issues connecting to the router. As a result, you can expect to see the Verizon router blue blinking light.

How To Improve The Wi-Fi Signal

The easiest way to see whether this is the problem is to move your device closer to the router and see if the connection improves. The signal strength should improve when the devices are closer to each other, but you can also try using a Wi-Fi range extender to improve the Wi-Fi signal coverage.

Malfunctioning Router

A malfunctioning router can have problems connecting to other devices or to the internet. As a result, you can see the blue blinking light.

Restart The Router

One of the solutions, in this case, would be to restart the router.

Unplug the router from the power source. Wait for 2-3 minutes and plug the router back in. After the router boots up, give it some time to boot up completely and then check the LED light.


If your Verizon router is overheating, it may have trouble connecting to the internet or devices. This can cause the blue light to blink rapidly.

How To Fix Overheating

To identify this issue, check if the router is getting too hot to touch. If it is, move it to a cooler, well-ventilated location, turn it off. Make sure the vents on the router are not clogged with debris and dust. Compressed air can help you with this.

Power the router after it cools down, and check whether the blue light is still blinking.

Network Congestion

If there are too many devices connected to the network, it may cause the router to slow down or stop working altogether. This can cause the blue light to blink rapidly.

How To Fix The Network Congestion Issue

To identify this issue, check how many devices are connected to the network and consider disconnecting some devices to see if the connection improves.

By following these steps, you should be able to fix the issue causing the blue-blinking light. If you’re still having trouble, you may need to contact Verizon customer support for further assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the Wi-Fi signal strength on my Verizon router?

You can check the Wi-Fi signal strength on your Verizon router by using a Wi-Fi analyzer app or accessing the router’s web interface and checking the signal strength indicator.

What should I do if my Verizon router is malfunctioning?

If your Verizon router is malfunctioning, try resetting the router or contacting Verizon customer support for assistance. In some cases, you may need to replace the router.

What does the blinking blue light on my Verizon router mean?

The Verizon router blinking blue indicates that the router is in WPS mode and searching for a device to connect to.

To Sum Up

To sum things up, the Verizon router blinking blue light indicates that the router is in WPS pairing mode and searching for a device to connect to. A steady blue light means that the router is connected to a device.

In other situations, the blinking blue light on your Verizon router can be frustrating, but it’s usually easy to fix. By understanding the meaning of the blue light, identifying potential issues, and following the suggested steps, you can resolve the issue quickly and get back to using your internet connection with ease.